Table 1. Areal extent of the major land resource areas (MLRA) in the southern region of the United States for which data are provided in this publication.

Region     Land
Category MLRA designation States Area

J. Southwestern Prairies Cotton and Forage      
  86 Texas Blackland Prairie TX 49,700
  87 Texas Claypan Area TX 24,057
D. Western Range and Irrigated      
  42 Southern Desertic Basins, Mountains, and Plains TX 75,630
H. Central Great Plains Winter Wheat and Range      
  77 Southern High Plains TX and OK 89,826
  78 Central Rolling Red Plains TX and OK 129,267
N. East and Central Farming and Forest      
  116A Ozark Highlands AR and OK 24,566
  120 Kentucky and Indiana Sandstone and Shale Hills and Valleys KY 19,234
  121 Kentucky Bluegrass KY 23,082
  123 Nashville Basin TN 14,582
  125 Cumberland Plateau and Mountains AL, TN, KY, and VA 51,658
  128 Southern Appalachian Ridges and Valleys AL, TN, and VA 59,520
  129 Sand Mountains AL and GA 20,805
O. Mississippi Delta Cotton and Feed Grains      
  131 Southern Mississippi Valley Alluvium AR, LA, MS, and TN 87,914
  134 Southern Mississippi Valley Silty Uplands AR, LA, MS, TN and KY 74,094
P. South Atlantic Gulf Cash Crops Forest and Livestock      
  133A Southern Coastal Plain MS, TN, AL, GA, FL, SC, NC, VA 275,656
  133B Western Coastal Plain AR, LA, OK and TX 137,276
  135 Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas Blackland Prairie AL, MS, AR 18,592
  136 Southern Piedmont AL, GA, SC, NC, VA 166,986
  137 Carolina and Georgia Sand Hills GA, SC and NC 22,480
T. Atlantic and Gulf Coast Lowland Forest Crop      
  153A Atlantic Coast Flatwoods FL, GA, SC, NC and VA 84,475