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Homepage of the soil physics group at Oklahoma State University.

JFSP installation 

Andres Patrignani installs soil moisture sensors at the OSU Range Research Station in support of our Joint Fire Science Program funded research to understand the links between soil moisture and wildfire in grasslands.



Welcome to the home page for the Oklahoma State University Soil Physics program. Here you can learn about our research and teaching activities and access information related to the discipline of soil physics.


Program Mission and Focus:

Our mission is to help people better understand and appreciate the soil, the soil water balance, and the surface energy balance so that we can more wisely manage and conserve the land and water with which we have been entrusted. Our primary focus is on multi-scale soil moisture monitoring and improved utilization of soil moisture data in agriculture, meteorology, environmental modeling, and drought adaptation.

Web-based products from our group:

  1. http://soilmoisture.okstate.edu/: Automated soil moisture mapping system producing daily, 800-m resolution maps of soil moisture at three depths across the entire state of Oklahoma.
  2. http://canopeoapp.com/: :Homepage for free iOS, Android, and Matlab apps that can be used to rapidly and objectively measure percent green canopy cover in digital images.
  3. Group Youtube Channel:  Homepage for educational, soil physics-related videos developed in our group.
  4. Oklahoma drainage maps:  Webpage displaying annual and long-term average maps of estimated drainage rates at a soil depth of 60 cm.


  1. Marcus Gabilheri featured in Oklahoma State University newspaper:  OSU student develops fitness app, becomes finalist in Google contest
  2. New paper published in Agronomy Journal: Canopeo: A powerful new tool for measuring fractional green canopy cover. (open access)
  3. New paper published in Agricultural Water Management:  Evapotranspiration partitioning and water use efficiency of switchgrass and biomass sorghum managed for biofuel.
  4. New paper published in Vadose Zone Journal: Calibration and Validation of the COSMOS Rover for Surface Soil Moisture Measurement. Open access.
  5. Calibration and Validation of the COSMOS Rover:  Tyson Ochsner describes research on calibration and validation of the COsmic-ray Soil Moisture Observing System (COSMOS) rover for measurement of 0-5 cm soil moisture at spatial scales suitable for validating soil moisture satellites.

Unique Documents:

  1. An Urgent Appeal for Soil Stewardship: A statement from the 2009 Bouyoucos Conference on Soil Stewardship in an Era of Global Climate Change held in Nebraska City, Nebraska.
  2. Water transport by advection and diffusion: An unpublished manuscript from Dr. Art Corey and his son Philip Corey in which they challenge conventional theories for water transport in porous media. Dated May 26, 2016. Posted here by permission of Dr. Art Corey. 

For additional information contact:

Tyson Ochsner





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