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Recommended Viewing

Recommended videos relevant to soil science and our research program.

**Note:  The inclusion of a video in this list does not imply agreement with the statements within the video nor with the opinions of the speaker.  These videos are intended to be helpful by inspiring thought and creativity.

Soil and Water

  1. USDA-NRCS, "The living kingdoms beneath our feet", Brief description: This video explores the living kingdoms beneath our feet and helps illustrate the fact that soils support more life beneath their surface than what exists above the surface
  2. Global Soil Partnership, "Soils: Our ally against climate change", Brief description: A look at how our Soils help to combat climate change in their role of sequestering CO2, and how our collective habits can damage this benefit with potentially devastating consequences.
  3. Deborah Koons Garcia, "Symphony of the Soil", Brief description: Trailer for full length film. "Drawing from ancient knowledge and cutting edge science, Symphony of the Soil is an artistic exploration of the miraculous substance soil." 

Global Issues 

  1. Hans Rosling, "200 years, 200 countries, 4 minutes", Brief description: Plotting life expectancy against income for every country since 1810, Dr. Rosling provides an interesting perspective on the world we live in. 
  2. Bob Stewart, "Global Agricultural and Environmental Issues", Brief description:  Dr. Stewart reflects on career in soil and water conservation spanning more than 50 years and describes why the approaches of the past will not be adequate to meet the global agricultural and environmental challenges facing the world today.
  3. Evan Fraser, "Feeding Nine Billion", Brief description: Dr. Fraser guides you through a whiteboard presentation of his solution to the Global Food Crisis.

Just for fun

  1. Matt Kuchta, "Settling Sand: A Study in Non-Stokes' Deposition", Brief description: Color-coded plastic sediment falling through water recorded with a high speed camera.
  2. Moses Hacmon, "Sound Waves in Water"Brief description: This artistic video show remarkable images of sound waves propagating through water.
  3. Enriquez et al. (2011), "Freezing Singularities in Water Drops"Brief description: This fluid dynamics video shows how a drop of water freezes into a singular shape when deposited on a cold surface and the amazing thing that happens next.
  4. US Forest Service, "The Adventures of Junior Raindrop"Brief description: Vintage 1948 animated educational film telling the story of "Junior Raindrop" and the role of watershed management in preventing Junior from running wild.
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