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The 2015 Workshop at MOISST: Posters

Poster contest winners

Winners of the 2015 student poster contest (right to left): David Hatch (t-3rd), William Avery (t-3rd), Catie Finkenbiner (t-3rd), Briana Wyatt (2nd), and Andres Patrignani (1st). Workshop host, Tyson Ochsner, also pictured.


Below are pdf versions of the student posters from "The 2015 Workshop at MOISST: The Dawn of the Soil Moisture Information Age?", June 2-3, 2015, at Stillwater, Oklahoma.


Name Institution Presentation Title
Briana Wyatt
Oklahoma State University
Estimating groundwater recharge using the Oklahoma Mesonet
David Hatch
Texas A&M University
Mapping coarse fragment variability of stony soils using electromagnetic induction
Andres Patrignani
Oklahoma State University
Modeling transient soil moisture dichotomies arising from anthropogenic land cover alterations
Jingnuo (Geano) Dong
Oklahoma State University The effects of correction factors on cosmic-ray neutron rover calibration across multiple locations
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