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Past Projects


Universal Soil Loss Equation Video, 2014, Created by Michael Grzybowski, Bharat Sharma, and J.T. Darling.


Vulnerability of hay production to drought in two counties in northern Oklahoma, 2013, Created by Patrick Curl, Adam Maggard, and Roslyn Ratliff.


Evaluating the Standard Precipitation Index and the Soil Moisture Index on drought monitoring in southwest Oklahoma, 2012, Created by Jennifer Carter, Liberty Galvin, Jonathan Pollnow, and Ethan Wyatt.


Correlation of plant available water to successive cumulative rainfall to better determine precipitation forecasts, 2011, Created by Patrick Bell, Tyler Grimes, and Samuel Wallace.


Weather data based drought risk assessment for summer annual crops, 2010, Created by Evan C. Booher, Tanner R. McBride, and Romulo P. Lollato. 

**This project led to a paper in Agronomy Journal**


Soil temperatures and heat flux in Oklahoma, 2009, Created by Casey Andrews, Valerie Fleming, Jace Harris, Bryce Payne, Dustin Stoner, and Tracy Wilson.

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