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CMLS98B Acknowledgements

Purpose | Processes and Assumptions | Installation | Use | Example | References | Acknowledgements
Program Structure | Platform Dependencies | File Structures


The authors express appreciation to Dr. C.T. Haan for stimulating us to consider the impact of weather uncertainty on the model output, for encouraging us to build that capability into the software, and for leading the evaluation of the WGEN weather generator for Oklahoma. The authors express thanks to Ron Jessup at the University of Florida for his assistance in formulating the resampling option of this software and for assisting in testing this software. We also express thanks to T. Dwayne Hunter, Senior Software Specialist, for his help in managing our workstations and computer network.

Funds for this software were provided in part by the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station, the Oklahoma Center for Water Research, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Water Quality Program.

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