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The 2016 Workshop at MOISST: Presentations

Here are pdf versions of the presentations given at "The 2016 Workshop at MOISST: The Growing Science of Soil Moisture Sensing", May 17-18, 2016, at Stillwater, Oklahoma.


Name Institution Presentation Title
Chadi Sayde
Oregon State University
Novel method for calibrating actively heated fiber optic (AHFO) soil moisture in a heterogeneous field: From theory to field application
Abdul Salam
University of Nebraska
Internet of Underground Things
Darin Desilets*
ISAAC: Intermodal Survey Across the American Continent
Todd Caldwell
University of Texas The Texas Soil Observatory Network - one year in
Xinhua Xiao
Alabama A&M University
Alabama Mesonet-based Plant Available Water, Plant Water Use, and Soil Water Deficit Index
Steven Quiring
Texas A&M University
Advancing the Coordinated National Soil Moisture Network
Narendra Das*
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
New Directions for SMAP
Mike Cosh
USDA-ARS Beltsville, MD
SMAP Calibration and Validation: The First Year
Jason Patton
Oklahoma State University Oklahoma Statewide Soil Moisture Mapping Project
Jonathan Munoz-Barreto
Univ. of Puerto Rico
Mapping Field-Scale Soil Moisture Using Ground-Based L-band Passive Microwave Observations in Western Puerto Rico
Tricia Lawston University of Delaware
Assessment of Irrigation Physics in a Land Surface Modeling Framework and Evaluation with High-resolution Soil Moisture Observations
Trent Ford
Southern Illinois University
On the Observation Record Length Necessary to Capture an In Situ Soil Moisture Climatology
J.T. Reager*
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory GRACE Soil Moisture Estimates Related to US Wildfire Occurrence
J.D. Carlson Oklahoma State University Soil Moisture and Wildfire Relationships in Oklahoma
Jeff Basara and Hayden Mahan
University of Oklahoma
Seasonal to Interannual Variability of Observations from MOISST Flux Tower Associated with Changing Soil Moisture Conditions
Evan Coopersmith
USDA-ARS, Beltsville, MD Forecasting Valley Fever Incidence via Soil Moisture Conditions: Leveraging and Extended In Situ Soil Moisture Record
Brad Illston University of Oklahoma Estimating Water Retention Curves Between Measured Depths
Andres Patrignani Kansas State University Using In Situ Soil Moisture Sensors to Calibrate a Cosmic-ray Neutron Probe
Paul Weckler Oklahoma State University Soil Moisture Sensing and Precision Agriculture 
 Haly Neely Texas A&M University Using UAVs to Solve Water Stress Issues in Precision Agriculture
Trenton Franz University of Nebraska Design of Smart Environmental Monitoring Networks in Agricultural Landscapes
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